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Q & A

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Read our Q&A to get information on our services and fees.  Feel free to email us questions or issues you'd like to see addressed!

Q.  Do you charge for consultations?
A.  Yes.  I charge $300 to provide a consultation of up to one hour in person or by telephone. By hiring me, you get all the legal rights and protections of a confidential relationship even if we don't develop a future lawyer-client relationship.
Q.  Can you represent me even if I am in a different city or country?
A.  Yes.  I represent clients located all over the United States, Canada and the world.  Immigration law is federal law and is applied the same throughout the entire USA. 

Q.  How much do you charge?     A.  I charge a flat fee for specific services.  Once I assess your unique situation, I will advise you in writing of what I will do and what I will charge.