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Immigration News

1/10/2018 - Asylum trial seeking protection for a Guatemalan woman who suffered severe abuse by her domestic partner
10/4/2017 - O-1 Visa approved for writer/producer in lifestyle and reality television programming  
9/27/17 - BIA Appeal Granted after improper denial of Asylum to woman from the DRC
6/29/17 - Reentry permit issued to Lawful Permanent Resident needing to spend 2 years abroad 
6/26/17 - Affirmative asylum interviews in Buffalo, NY 
6/1/17 - Bond issued and release from detention for asylum seeker from Honduras
4/10/17 - Waiver granted to Canadian businesswoman with previous fraud charge 
3/10/17 - Withholding of Removal granted in Immigration Court to Egyptian male based on fear of religious persecution
3/9/17 - R-1 visa approved for Religious Minister at an Episcopal Church
2/15/17 - L-1B visa entry approved for manager and provider of services on large electrical generators in the American power grid
1/24/17 - Asylum application filed in Immigration Court based on changed and worsened conditions in Guatemala  
10/3/16 - Asylum granted in Immigration Court to Russian fighting against corruption
9/16/16 - Marriage petition and adjustment of staus granted to wife of a U.S. citizen after two denials while with previous counsel
8/9/16 - Two year residency petition (Form I-751) approved after previous denial 
8/5/16 - Canadian TRP granted to an American citizen with two previous DWI offfenses 
7/28/16 - L-1A approved at the border for a Canadian Manager of a restaurant franchise
7/25/16 - O-1 visa in the arts approved for the Executive Director of a not for profit media arts entity 
7/5/16 - Immigration Court proceedings were terminated to allow the spouse of a U.S citizen to apply for adjustment of status with USCIS
6/27/16 - K-1 petition approved for a fiancee from the Domincan Republic   
6/20/16 - TN visa approved for a Mechanical Engineer
5/29/16 - Green card renewed for a Canadian Sound Engineer 
5/25/16 - Humanitarian Parole approved to allow a previously deported husband to return to his family in the U.S.
1/27/16 - Argument in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals 
1/22/16 - L-1A Visa issued to Operations Manager for environmental services company  
12/1/15 - P-2 Visa issued to up and coming band from London, Ontario, Canada 
10/16/15 - H-1B Visa issued to Real Property Manager in New York City
10/16/15 - E-1 Visa issued to a key employee to tranfer from France to a U.S. manufacturing company 
8/19/15 - 3 year TN visa issued for CFO of a manufacturing company
6/25/15 - O visa approved for Visual Arts Curator of extraordinary ability in the arts  
6/4/15 - L-1A renewed for President of Franchise/Investment Group in Orlando, Florida 
4/1/15 - Two L-1B visas issued to specialized knowledge employees in the field of environmental remediation 
 2/10/15 - Legal Argument filed in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals arguing for new interpretation and application of asylum regulations for family from the DRC
10/28/14 - Decision from the NY Court of Appeals will allow a Vietnamese spouse to legally remain in the U.S. with her U.S. citizen husband.  The couple's 7 year fight ended in tears of happiness as their 14 year marriage will continue without threat of deportation and separation. Marszalkowski argued that statutory construction, consanguinity and genetics all required the marriage to be recognized as valid under NY law.
10/17/14 - Panel Moderator for US - Canada Asylum and Refugee Law Updates and Panel Presenter for New Practitioners at CLE Seminar for AILA Upstate NY Chapter
9/18/14 - Asylum granted by Immigration Judge to political reformer from Yemen.  Torture and abuse established through testimony and with the assistance of a mental health worker.  
9/9/14 - Argued in the N.Y. Court of Appeals on a question certified from the U.S Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit regarding validity of a marriage between a U.S. citizen and his Vietnamese wife.
8/28/14 - L-1A visa issued to co-founder of a Canadian immigration law services company
8/25/14 - Expert witness affidavit and appearance in NY Supreme Court for dispute between a doctor and a medical facility; parties agree to extend doctor's H-1B visa status.
August - Awarded 2014 Mark T. Kenmore Mentor of the Year "For Helping, Inspiring and Guiding Others"
7/17/14 - Conditional green card awarded to spouse after Immigration Court proceedings were terminated based on a marriage entered into during removal proceedings, established as legitimate under the heightened standard of proof and client became eligible for adjustment of status.    
12/9/13 - L-1A renewed approved for functional manager to monetize online services and sales
11/21/13 - L-1A approved for executive in the railroad equipment industry
11/14/13 - I-751 approved for married couple 
11/4/13 - L-1B renewed for design manager and fashion photographer/videographer
10/21/13 - DACA approved for 26 year old present in the US since 1998 
9/6/13 - O-1 Visa approved for Teacher and Lecturer in Physiotherapy
9/3/13 - Green Card approved for professional musician through Extraordinary Ability
8/27/13 - L-1A visa approved for Restaurant Manager
7/25/13 - L-1A visa approved for VP of Finance
7/1/13 - Green card approved for Theater Lighting Designer
6/26/13 - L-1A visa extension approved for owner of master franchise rights in food and beverage industry 
6/12/13 - L-1A visa approved for Manager of franchisee relations in food and beverage industry
5/5/13 - O-1 visa extension for professional Squash Coach
4/26/13 - L-1A visa approved for business executive in services of large electrical generators
4/15/13 - O-1 visa extension approved for Voice Artist/Jingle Singer 
3/26/13 - Green card - adjustment of status filed for Theater Lighting Designer  
3/23/13 - O-1 visa extension approved for Visual Arts Curator
3/13/13 - L-1B visa approved for business executive as a contract specialist in energy infrastructure  
2/11/13 - L-1B visa approved for business executive in the high fashion/fabric industry 
1/14/13 - O-1 visa approved for clinical physician in Regional Anesthesia 
12/20/12 - O-1 visa approved for professional drummer 
12/12/12 - O-1 visa approved for reality TV writer/producer 


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February 22, 2018
Speaker on Immigration Law at SUNY Buffalo Law and Policy class